Here are 8 major compliance violations to avoid.

The management company or property manager:

  1. Fails to distribute the Annual Disclosure Packet in a timely manner
  2. Is inconsistent in distribution of monthly financial reports
  3. Frequently provides inaccurate financial reports
  4. Authorizes work without Board approval
  5. Signs contracts on behalf of the Board
  6. Is not transparent in financial reporting
  7. Delays in follow-up on homeowner inquiries or Board maintenance requests
  8. Does not acknowledge emails or phone calls.

12 Qualities to look for when Choosing a Management Company

Your management company should provide:

  1. Transparency in all transactions
  2. Rapid response to problems, concerns, and questions
  3. Consistent follow-up with on-going issues
  4. Regular review of maintenance and vendor contracts
  5. Help to maintain compliance with CC&Rs and other governing documents
  6. Vendor bids that include detailed pricing for materials and labor
  7. Reviews of insurance policies on an annual basis, to ensure proper coverage
  8. Guidance for the Board on the use of licensed and properly insured vendors
  9. Cost-effective options for all services
  10. Use of up-to-date technology for billing, bill payment, and record-keeping
  11. Current up-dates for Boards on new legislation impacting HOAs
  12. Personalized “can-do” service tailored to your specific HOA needs

Charge Ready Program

We’re revving up Charge Ready, a program to help increase the availability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at multi-unit dwellings. Some examples of multi-unit dwellings include apartment buildings and condominium complexes. Charge Ready is designed to deploy and cover the cost of the electric infrastructure needed to serve qualified charging stations at participating locations. Program participants will also receive a rebate applicable against the costs of procuring and installing qualified charging stations. Continue reading “Charge Ready Program”

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