• HOAME offers various online payment options for Homeowners to pay their monthly assessment: ACH, CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, BILL PAY.
  • HOAME will offer COUPON BOOKS for those who choose not to use our online services. Payments will be accepted at our LOCKBOX ACCOUNT.
  • HOAME will process Vendor bills bi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of each month.
  • In addition to our bi-monthly payable cycle to process monthly bills, HOAME offers twice a week out of cycle check processing for special projects. Days: TUE/THUR
  • Vendors can login and check the status of payment for outstanding invoices at any time. *(Registration is required).
  • HOAME will prepare and distribute monthly financial reports on the 15th of each month; including financial statement, balance sheet report, check disbursement report, monthly cash receipts report, bank statements both operating and reserve accounts. *Reports available online
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure repairs are coded correctly to regular annual operating expense accounts and identify those that qualify as a reserve replacement expense.
  • Track reserve replacement expenses and report to reserve study company as needed.
  • Provide Board access to *online reports to view, income and expense financial reports, balance sheet, accounts receivable reports, and bank balances for operating and reserve accounts.
  • Board members can approve or deny vendor invoices for payment *online.
  • Receive monthly statements via email or paper copy (per service contract)
  • Coordinate with HOA’s accountant and or CPA for preparation of annual review report and tax returns. (Expense is HOA responsibility).

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